Monday, November 21, 2011

Dear Author

My charaters want to say stuff to me:
Dear Author,
I know you kinda want me to grow up already, but really I like being a teenager. It suits me better and I get to feel the first love when it's just very new and all. Just one little request, could you make Katariina's divorce happen a little sooner? I really would like to be with her and just her. And why do you have to make Kevin so nice? I would be a lot easier to hate him for being married to the woman I love if he wasn't so goddamn nice. We'll I guess I'll manage, since I know they are gonna get divorce when I turn 18 (and move to her house <3). (I know glimpses about my life after that and it seems really scary. Please don't kill me, thanks!)
Yours truly,
Hanna Harmaaranta
Dear Author,
why do you make me fall in love? It's so not me. And suddenly I have have all these feelings and I feel lost? WTF are you doing to me? Well, I guess I'll manage if you keep Hanna at bay. She could be a little more submissive still, I think she's not as devouted to me as I'd like to.
Katariina Rosendahl
P.S. Thanks for letting me kill people! That's awesome, I've always wanted to do that. I just hate that I have to wait for that until I'm 35.

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