Friday, April 13, 2012

Would your character ever pt.1

I was browsing through Screnzy forums and found WYCE -thread. I really want to answer ALL THE QUESTIONS, so I'm gonna do it here.

Name: Characters answer. (my comment)

WYCE become a pirate or a ninja?
Katariina: Are you crazy?
Hanna: No. I wouldn't be any good.
Marinne: Maybe. I'd rather be a pirate.
Tuuli: C'mon, ninjas are so much better than pirates!

WYCE use a precious childhood trinket as a weapon?
Katariina:Of course. Actually, I don't really have any precious childhood stuff.
Hanna: No! Guess, I'm a bit sentimental about my stuff.
Marianne: Maybe, I was in danger.
Tuuli:Yeah, same as Marianne.

WYCE stalk someone?
Katariina: Never. I'm not that kind of person. (She's the kind of person that other people stalk.)
Hanna:No, that's creepy. (She totally would though, she's kinda obsessive.)
Marianne: No! You need to be pretty sick to stalk someone.
Tuuli: Yeah. Again I have to side with Marianne.

WYCE ever become an evil dictator?
Katariina: *grinning* That would be fun.
Hanna: No way, I'm nice!
Marianne: Me too!
Tuuli: Yeah, being an evil dictator is not really my thing.

WYCE live in a basement?
Katariina: Never.
Hanna: I might, it'd get pretty lonely though. (She'd live in a basement if Katariina asked her to.)
Marianne: No way, I'd go crazy.
Tuuli: No, basements don't really suit me.

WYCE do the cinnamon challenge?
Katariina:What's that? Oh... Why are people doing this? God, everyone's so stupid these days.
Hanna: No, I agree with Katariina. (But she might do it)
Marianne: Yes! Hanna, you're totally doing it with me.
Tuuli:I'll do it with you, Marianne.

WYCE walk out of the house wearing nothing but a bikini top, a tutu, and polka dot leggings?
Katariina: No, don't be stupid.
Hanna: No, that'sreally not my style.
Marianne: Yes, that sounds awesome!
Tuuli: Maybe. I have more like a hippy-style though.

WYCE go clubbing?
Katariina: Yes. To pic up men.
Hanna:I don't really like clubbing, but I'd go with Katariina.
Marianne: Hellsyes!
Tuuli: Yes! Sounds fun.

Would your character ever join a protest rally?
Katariina: No.
Hanna: I don't think so.
Marianne: Yes. Even just for the heck of it.
Tuuli: Yes, I have, multiple times.

WYCE drink a raw egg?
Katariina: Eww, no.
Hanna: If I have to.
Marianne: Maybe, if there's a good reason.
Tuuli: No, I'm a vegan.

WYCE insult a figure of authority (teacher, parent, the president, etc.) to his/her face?
Katariina: If there was a really good reason.
Hanna: No, never.
Tuuli: Yes.

 WYCE sleep with someone for money?
Katariina: No, I have more than enough.
Hanna: No! (Yes, if Katariina asked.)
Marianne: No, but I don't see a problem if someone else does.
Tuuli: You don't see a problem? Are you crazy? Prostitution is just one patriarchal way too...
Marianne: Oh, shut up.

WYCE do NaNoWriMo?
Katariina: No. You can't really gain anything from it, right?
Hanna: You can gain experience with writing and it might be fun.
Katariina: Don't argue with me.
Hanna: Sorry. (Hanna would totally do NaNo, she loves to write.)
Marianne: No, writing is not my thing.
Tuuli: What's that? Oh, yes that sounds fun. I'm always up for new, exiting things!

WYCE join the quest to destroy the One Ring?
Katariina: Destroy? Are you crazy? (She'd totally keep it.)
Hanna: Yes! That'd be the dream. I would throw The Ring to Mount Doom, even if it meant getting my finger chewed off.
Marianne: Oh god, again with the Lord of the Rings. I would NOT do this, I've heard enough from being a friend of Hanna's since preschool.
Tuuli: I might do it, if I had

WYCE learn French?
Katariina: I might.
Hanna: Bien sûr! J'aime le français.
Marianne: I might, but I'm gonna consetrate learning better English first.
Tuuli: I'm with Marianne on this. First English, then Swedish and then other languages.

WYCE fake illness or injury to get out of doing something?
Katariina: Yes.
Hanna: I once said to a teacher I'm sick when I wasn't. So, yes.
Marianne: Yeah, if it was something I really don't want to do.
Tuuli: Again, I'm with Marianne.

Would your character ever do NaNoWriMo or Script Franzy?
Katariina: Why would you do something like that with no gain?
Hanna: Emm... Writing is really fun and...
Katariina: Hanna, what did I say about arguing with me?
Hanna: Sorry. Again.
Marianne:Yes, I so would. I'ma movie buff and it would be really interesting to try to write an own script.
Tuuli: I would try both.

Would your character ever jump off a cliff?
Katariina: What? NO!
Hanna: No, I'm not suicidal. (And she would if Katariina so wished.)
Marianne: Hey, it's not about being suicidal, it's about exitment. Like other extreme sports. And yes, I would.
Tuuli: Oh, that might be fun.

WYCE run an ultramarathon?
Katariina: Yes, I like running.
Hanna: Maybe, but I don't think I'd like it that much.
Marianne: Ultramarathon? That sounds pretty horrid. So, I highly doubt I would.
Tuuli: Maybe. I'd have to train a lot before though.

WYCE shove their face so full of pie that everyone thinks their face is about to explode?
Katariina: No, that's so immature.
Hanna: Yes, very immature. No, I wouldn't.
Marianne: Yes, I have, actually.
Tuuli: Right there with you, sis.

WYCE have a weakness for corn-dogs?
Katariina: No, those are disgusting.
Hanna: I've never tasted them, so I don't know. They don't seem to suit my diet though.
Marianne: Those sound yummy, so maybe.
Tuuli: Are they vegan? Oh, then no, never.

WYCE try to sneak into a club with a fake ID?
Katariina: I have and it was fun.
Hanna: Maybe. I'd be really nervous.
Marianne: YES! WHo wouldn't?
Tuuli: Yes, sounds fun.

WYCE use their (or someone else's) small child to meet guys/girls?
Katariina: I don't need any children to meet people.
Hanna: No, that's creepy.
Marianne: No, that's seems a bit weird. And desperate.
Tuuli: No. I don't need to meet guys, I have my sweetheart.

WYCE loot a shop during a natural disaster?
Katariina: No, I don't need to.
Hanna: No, stealing is wrong.
Marianne: There's a part of me that wants to say yes. It depends on the shop. I could loot some multinational corporation store, but not any small business owner's.
Tuuli: I'm with Marianne on this one too.

WYCE commit a horrendous crime?
Katariina: Is murder horrendous?
Hanna: Yes. I can't believe I did it, I'm really not that kinda person.
Marianne: No. Maybe I might do some misdemeanors.
Tuuli: Nothing horrendous, but I would break the law for a good cause.

WYCE smash an ice cream cone into someone's face?
Katariina: I would never do anything as juvinile.
Hanna: No. Because... yes, it's juvinile.
Marianne: Oh god yes. *Smashes an ice cream cone to Tuuli's face*
Tuuli: *smashes her ice cream to Marianne's face* Apparently.